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TECHNICAL SUPPORT   (956)630-2005

E.C.T.S. offers technical assistance to our users on a variety of hardware and software issues.

Eclipse Software runs on the IBM i on Power with IBM i OS platform and via a remote emulation session, we can interact with the IBM Power System remotely. This which allows the user to input data on our custom programs such as ABI, AES, ISF, Accounting/Financial systems  and our Warehouse System.

Our remote technical support on this allows for the installation and configuration of software, and through our remote sessions we are able to connect, correct and assist our customers in real time promptly..


 For PC Support from Eclipse, we are able to connect to our customers thru a Remote Desktop tool.  With customers worldwide, it is impossible to be on site and troubleshoot PC errors, however from our headquarters we can connect via internet to any Eclipse customers PC and troubleshoot and repair issues right from our location in McAllen.